“Swaziland has a GDP per capita is about $5,500 per year, but apparently you can™t put a price on good fortune. Or an AIDS vaccine.”
– Punte, With Leather, June 9, 2009

David Roth replies, “kudos to Punte, for demonstrating the clarifying effect of what happens when ‘offensive humor’ forgets to actually include any humor. Or, alternately, when sub-tarded Mencia-style ‘I’m saying what you’re thinking but afraid to say’ crosses the ‘no, I actually wasn’t thinking that at all’ line.”

G.I. Blow (Me)’s sports blog isn’t merely the dopiest voice of the maniacally entitled — on this occasion Ufford Inc. has crossed over from the plainly predictable to crudely malicious-for-the-sake-of-if. That might even qualify as a slim achievement if didn’t require shitting on the planet’s defenseless. These are the freedoms your military is fighting for, ladies and gentlemen ; the constitutional right to degrade other cultures and confirm the ugliest of stereotypes about duuuuudes.