Of Gilbert Arenas’ decision to feign a knee injury prior to Tuesday’s exhibition game versus Atlanta in order to ensure playing time for Nick Young, Dime’s Austin Burton observed, “it™s not a good idea to lie to a coach and organization that is trying to rebuild its trust in your body and your mindset.” Truth About It’s Kyle Welde, however, would prefer to fixate on Arenas’ unselfishness.

After the game, when asked about comments Young had made that Arenas talked to him about sacrifice before the game, Arenas said, œYea, I told him I™d sacrifice playing tonight so he™d get some time. Because I know he™s kinda frustrated not getting a chance to crank it up at the three position, especially since we™re going three guards. So I told him I™d fake an injury or say something™s wrong with me. So that™s why he said sacrifice.

It seemed to work. Young scored 24 points in Flip™s offense on 10-14 from the field and 4-7 from deep. And this was mostly after Young had a rough start guarding Joe Johnson, something which the old Nick might not have been able to bounce back from.

Now, surely several red flags will be raised by champions of unflappable communication between a coach and a player. Oh well. It™s certainly better than the alternative of a bothersome knee ¦ and I™m sure Flip will get over it. If he even cares.

Sacrifice. In one way or another, Gilbert Arenas is willing to do it ¦ in a preseason game ¦ and as a veteran for a young, struggling teammate. And isn™t that a large part of what™s been asked of him in the past?

Now that the ball is a little less stickier from Tuff Juice (and others, to be fair) and in the hands of John Wall, sacrifice just became a bit easier ¦ we think.