According to the Washington Post’s Ivan Carter, He’s A Poet (And You Know It) Etan Thomas took exception to recent remarks by Brendan Haywood’s agent.

Washington Wizards centers Etan Thomas (above) and Brendan Haywood were involved in a physical altercation last Thursday in which the two traded punches at Verizon Center, according to two team sources.

Thomas felt that Andy Miller’s comments were a slight toward him, he approached Haywood and threw the first punch once the argument escalated, a source said. According to the source, Haywood responded to the punch by body-slamming Thomas to the ground, tearing out at least two of Thomas’s dreadlocks in the process. The two players were separated by teammates and the altercation ended.

Both Thomas and Haywood played in DC’s 106-103 loss at Orlando last night, the latter sparingly.

is squarely in Thomas’ corner.

It’s time to trade Brenda Haywood for Party John Ramos, no. 9 draftpick of the Idaho Stampede. Party John may not have a North Carolina pedigree or any basketball skills, but he knows where people throw down Long island Ice teas and gyals wine dem waists to dem dutty dutty soundz!!! Plus he’s got huge soft hands and the ability to say, “Good Job, Etan” from the third row while wearing a suit. Stonehands Haywood has never said anything nice to Etan other than, “I own a cassette copy of Legend. It’s average.”