While the Boston Herald’s Mark Murphy alludes to the Celtics’ hard line stance regarding Sebastain Telfair in Kevin Garnett’s recent trade veto, The Racine Journal Times’ Gery Woelfel points to a considerable difference of opinion in Boston regarding their intentions for next Thursday’s no. 5 overall pick.

The scuttlebutt is coach Doc Rivers wants to draft Jeff Green; Celtics GM Danny Ainge wants to draft Yi and Celtics star Paul Pierce wants the team™s pick to be traded for an established veteran player. Look for Pierce to win this one.

Newsday’s Alan Hahn effectively refutes an earlier report that Wilson Chandler to the Knicks at no. 23 overall was a done deal. But not before engaging in that all-too-rare practice of getting pissy with another (unnamed) blogger.

Seems another blog, read by a notably different crowd (judging by the superior intelligence, not to mention poignancy, of the comments we get here as compared to theirs…and 50 comments by the same five guys doesn’t mean it gets more traffic, by the way) got the callback on the Sean Williams thing before we did. The Knicks attended. We got scooped.

Like Denis Lemieux, the goalie in Slapshot, I feel shame.

And just like that, I’m over it.