…..because we’re hungry for more no-name, expendable scapegoats.

In other news, since Dusty’s Holy Water hasn’t been ruled illegal (not yet anyway), the Cubs skipper might need a 10 gallon jug to pour over Nomar’s crotch. The Cubs’ SS is expected to miss the next 2-3 months after suffering a torn left groin muscle in last night’s game against St. Louis.

Sans Nomar, the Cubs were blanked by the Cardinals’ Cris Carpenter (above) earlier today, a complete game, 7-hit, 1 walk, 113 pitch outing that dropped Chicago to a game behind St. Louis.

For those who like tearing their hair out over this sort of thing, Philadelpha’s Jon Lieber (above) now has as many wins in 2005 as Tim Hudson, John Smolz, Randy Johnson, Roger Clemens and Pedro Martinez combined.