Mets 4, Cardinals 0 (top of the 8th)

(damn, Jose, you can’t steal 2nd if you hit a leadoff HR)

My efforts to let Howie Rose and Tom McCarthy ease me through the trauma have proven fruitless — there’s about a 10 second delay between’s Gameday audio feed and Fox NY’s signal. I’ve thought about closing my eyes, but that would be a terrible overreaction considering Jeanne Zealsko is only on screen for a few minutes each night.

Y’know, I’ve heard of idiot savants, but this La Russa fella is the first one I’ve seen that had so much trouble counting to 4.

Righty vs. Righty (Mota vs. Duncan?) Who’ the Genius now, motherfucker?

Even if John Maine runs away with Anna Benson tomorrow, his poise under inhuman pressure tonight (not unlike the pressure one might feel trapped beneath Anna Benson) has ensured him a permanant place in Mets lore. Sorry, Dave Mlikci, I’ve got to put your plaque in the attic to make room!

Aside from Carpenter a) getting shelled last Friday at Shea and b) being less than invincible away from home, who’d have predicted he’d be outduelled by John Maine in the biggest game of either of their lives? It’s like that guy in the New York Times’ op/ed section was saying today, baseball’s a funny game. You never know. That’s why they don’t play ’em on paper. Waste not want not. Never eat at a place called “Mom’s”. If it’s not one thing, it’s another (can I quit now?)

Scott Rolen’s plate appearances tonight were some of the worst I’ve seen since Mike Lowell, circa 2005. Though at least Rolen doesn’t have a beard.

During a week in which the spectre of Yadier Molina has kept Jose Reyes quiet on the basepaths (well, that and Reyes’ failure to reach first very often), it only figures that Michael Tucker would steal 2nd in the last of the 7th (and eventually score on a Captain Red Ass 2 RBI single after an infield hit from Reyes).

It was kinda weird to see Matt Dillion throw out the first pitch, particularly as we’re still waiting to see his brother, Chris Woodward, factor in this series. Whether it has anything to do with that Turtle character’s rude overtures towards Jeff Wilpon’s lovely wife, I have no idea, but with so much at stake, surely baseball’s all that matters?

Mr. Phony Beatlemania Has Bitten The Dust has retired the World’s Scrappiest, Grittiest Human in the top of the 8th, with a subsequent pop fly to Reyes the result of Scroatface’s 4th at bat.

(UPDATE : Prince Albert singled to left with nobody on, Jim Edmonds whiffed against Heilman. We’re three outs away from a 7th game….can Country Time have someone ghostwrite the 9th inning for him?)