Aside from the hillarity of the MySpace allusion (that’s a little 2005, guys, and besides, Bebo’s where it’s at right now), I’m less than wigged out about this. MLBlogs is a terrific thing, giving young persons like David Wright, Mark Tremonti and Tommy Lasorda an outlet for their innermost thoughts. If ESPN’s new blogtastic endeavor can add some new voices to the mix (preferably those who aren’t obsessed with Pearl Jam or Jeanie Garth), that’s a-fucking OK with me. There’s no snobbery from this camp when it comes to this game, and since when is getting paid for watering down a genuine cultural phenomenom the exclusive provence of Gawker Media?

In a completely unrelated development, frequent CSTB commentator Josh Rosen is one of the two brains behind the newly launched Rebuilding Year.  By all means, stop by, check it out, and if you are related and/or went to high school with anyone he writes about, be sure to bore everyone to death about it.   We’ll see how much you like it, Josh!