Following a press conference earlier today in which Indiana Pacers chief executive Donnie Walsh announced he’d be leaving the club at season’s end —- after nearly a quarter century in charge — ESPN reported tonight that Walsh would soon sign a three-year, $15 million contract to run the New York Knicks.

Though this would seem to end Isiah Thomas’ tenure as team president, Zeke was circumspect in his comments before Monday’s home loss to the Nets, praising Walsh and reminding us all, “he gave me my first coaching job”.  And you thought trading for Mike Dunleavy  Jr. looked bad on Walsh’s resume.

As for the man who gave Thomas what might well be his last coaching job, James Dolan has obviously been immersed in talks with Walsh. Not only has Dolan refused to talk with reporters for over a year, but no one has logged in to JD & The Straight Shot’s MySpace profile (80 friends?  christ, anybody could better than that) for nearly a month.