The announcement that Eddie Andelman is returning to the Boston area airwaves is hardly the worst radio news of the week ; satellite broadcaster XM, perhaps emboldened by the pairing of Rob Dibble and Kevin Kennedy, has another dubious duo on tap.

From Media Buyer Planer :

XM Satellite Radio continues the development of its sports content with a new weekly sports show starring James Carville – Democratic political strategist and commentator – and Luke Russert, a sophomore at Boston College and son of NBC journalist Tim Russert, Mediaweek reports.

Carville and Russert engaged in entertaining, heated exchanges during various Washington Nationals home games, which Eric Logan, executive vp of programming for XM, believes will entertain XM’s listeners.

Y’know, just because someone who had the misfortune of sitting near Carville and Russert was heard to remark “why don’t you assholes get your own radio show and leave the rest of us alone?” was no need for XM to act on it.