The WWE’s Chris Jericho, son of former Bruins/Kings/Rangers LW Ted Irvine, as well the most famous public figure who actually likes Helloween, displayed unusual patience in submitting to the following interrogation at the hands of the Guardian’s Paolo Bandini

We see you’re currently the WWE’s Intercontinental champion.What exactly is intercontinental about that title?

That means I am the champion of all of the continents. As far as the water and skies go I don’t have any jurisdiction, but if it’s on land then I’m pretty much in charge.

Right, so what’s left for the actual WWE champion?

Well the WWE champion’s in charge of boats and planes and stuff like that. If you’re a pirate, the WWE champion is pretty much in charge. If a pirate comes up to me I really can’t do anything about it.

What’s the strangest request you’ve had from a fan?

To sign a tattoo they had of my face. I mean getting that in the first place seems about as smart as getting Ricky Gervais tattoo. In five years time you’re going to be asking: “What the hell was I doing?”