Yahoo Sports‘ Adrian Wojnarowski and Dan Wenzel reported late last night the University Of Connecticut violated a number of NCAA rules during the school’s courting of G Nate Miles.

Miles was provided with lodging, transportation, restaurant meals and representation by Josh Nochimson “ a professional sports agent and former UConn student manager “ between 2006 and 2008, according to multiple sources. As a representative of UConn™s athletic interests, Nochimson was prohibited by NCAA rules from having contact with Miles and from providing him with anything of value.

The UConn basketball staff was in constant contact with Nochimson during a nearly two-year period up to and after Miles™ recruitment. Five different UConn coaches traded at least 1,565 phone and text communications with Nochimson, including 16 from head coach Jim Calhoun. Yahoo! Sports obtained the records through the Freedom of Information Act. The documents were requested in October and received two weeks ago. Many of UConn™s communications with Nochimson were clustered with calls and texts to Miles or his inner circle.

The relationship between Miles and Nochimson began at a Nov. 11, 2006 high school tournament in suburban Chicago. While sitting with Nochimson and watching Miles play, Moore told Nochimson that UConn was actively recruiting the player. Later that day, Miles said, he was introduced to Nochimson.

Moore said he knew the player and the agent were in contact after the event. Records show that Moore traded multiple text messages with both Miles and Nochimson in the evenings of Nov. 11 and Nov. 12, 2006.

Eight days later, Miles, a Toledo, Ohio native, committed to UConn. Calhoun later said the sinewy 6-foot-7 prospect had œas much basketball ability as any player he™d ever brought to Connecticut.

From that first meeting until Miles was expelled from the university in October 2008 for violating a restraining order brought by a female student, Nochimson played an integral role in the player™s life. The agent guided Miles, who had social and academic difficulties, through a jagged journey to Connecticut.

Nochimson filed paperwork with the NBA Players Association to decertify himself as an agent in June 2008 after UConn All-American and Detroit Pistons star Richard Hamilton fired him as his business manager and accused him of stealing more than $1 million.

Though Yahoo’s story first ran some 10 hours ago, the Hartford Courant can merely come up with “calls seeking comment have been placed to UConn.”