Pistons PG Brandon Knight didn’t get the memo that all Clipper dunks are meant to be uncontested ; after being clobbered by DeAndre Jordan Sunday, Knight tweeted, “It wasn’t in the scouting reports that the clippers threw lobs lol.”  Amongst those not laughing out loud — Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski, who sees parallels in Kendrick Perkins refusing to concede the lane to lob recipient Blake Griffin.

Jordan made a spectacular play. No one will soon forget it. So congratulations and all. Jordan has a $43 million contract and yet still doesn’t have one offensive move, an ability to score outside the paint. Yes, he can leap, dunk on little guys. And somehow that makes him an achiever in the sport now. After this, perhaps even a folk hero.

For Brandon Knight, who had the guts to stand in there, there were prominent people writing that he had been raped and assaulted and killed on Sunday night in Los Angeles. Eight inches shorter and 80 pounds lighter, Knight understood the right thing is seldom ever the most popular. Brandon Knight didn’t run and hide, didn’t spare himself the humiliation.

The culture of this sport has never been so backward, never so twisted. Hell of a dunk out of DeAndre Jordan, but maybe the wrong player gets the ovation.