A reader letter to Boing Boing.net today :

I went to Yankee Stadium last night and was surprised that everyone entering the stadium is asked if they have a cell phone. If yes, then they are asked to take it out and turn it on. Why? I’m not sure, but boy do I feel safer knowing that everyone in the stadium has charged cell phone batteries!

Yankee Stadium Security Policy site (link) doesn’t mention this brilliant security measure, but it is mentioned on NewYorkology’s “Yankee Stadium Primer” along with the policy of require hats to be removed (no bald terrorists allowed?)

Apparently, there’s some concern that cell phones might be used to remotely trigger an explosive device. Though if you’ve seen the first season of “Sleeper Cell”, you’re well aware the evil-doers can only afford to target minor league ballparks. In others, look the fuck out Long Island Ducks.

Speaking of explosions, Roger Clemens and Jon Garland had nearly identical pitching lines today, each allowing 8 runs in less than 2 innings of labor. The White Sox are ahead, 11-9 in the 6th, and while A-Rod’s failed thus far to hit his 500th career HR, Wilson Betimet (above) was able to touch up Garland for his 33rd.

Two very different examples of speed on the basepaths : in Milwaukee, Damon Easley’s ricochet off the center field fence resulted in a two-run, inside-the-park home run, despite the Mets outfielder jogging most of the way to first. Conversely, Boston’s Doug Mirabelli failed to score from third on a David Ortiz fly to the warning track. The Mets lead the Brewers, 5-3 in the 6th, as Brian Lawrence bids for the victory in his New York debut. Despite Mirabelli’s gaffe, Boston holds a 7-3 advantage over the Orioles in the 7th.