Fox Sports’ Jason Whitlock follows last week’s attack on Will Leitch with a wide-ranging interview at You Been Blinded. Along with weighing in on the blog/print schism and blasting Playboy for a misleading headline, Whitlock finally addressed his musical production sideline.

HG: Considering your stance on Hip-Hop and the state of the black community, are Tech N9ne and the 57th Street Rogue Dog Villains potentially your Reverend Wright?

JW: You damn skippy they™re Reverend Wright, and I™ll never disown Tech N9ne, Big Krizz Kalico and Cutt Kalhoun and the RDVs. You can add Dr. Dre and Tupac to the list, too. I™ve never denied being a fan of rap music. I know why it touches people and where the gangsta element comes from. Look, I™m overweight and I would tell people McDonald™s is freaking horrible and should be outlawed. But that don™t mean you™ll never see me creeping through a Mickey D™s drive-thru at 2 a.m. and grabbing a Filet-O-Fish. Just because I acknowledge my hypocrisy doesn™t mean my criticisms are inaccurate. We all fall short of the glory from time to time.

HG: One thing we agree on is that The Wire is one of the greatest television shows of all-time. If they were to make a Wire movie, what angles or storylines would you like to see covered?

JW: More of Kima™s love life. There was a lot of time wasted on McNulty™s catting around when we could™ve seen what Kima was up to.

It had to happen sooner or later. Finally, there’s a point on which Whitlock and I could not be in greater agreement.