Episode 121 neatly coincides with the eve of the 19th edition of Memphis TN’s venerable Goner Fest and in true investigative journalist/podcast-crusader fashion, I have dove head first in the murky waters that constitute Goner’s annual failure to secure the services of THE DOG POLICE for their otherwise otherworldly multi-day event. I’m sure it’s through no lack of trying (most likely twice as expensive as a Smiths reunion, though also several times more musically rewarding), but if i cannot use this platform for finger-pointing and all-around laying of blame, I’m not sure what the point is.

There’s no Dog Police music on this week’s show, not due to rights clearance issues but instead I just couldn’t find where I’d filed the album.

Authentically Plastic – Anti-Fun
han – Suppressed Huel Obsession
Blackhaine – Salford Falls Apart
Tommy Wright III – Shoot To Kill
Special Birthday Request (Find A Partner) from ‘Pure Wicked Tune’
Slikback – Flatline
Blue Ruth – Almost Gone
Final – Fearless Systems
Buckshot – Droppin Bombs on Deez Fools

(Goner Fest 19 preview)
Leopardo – Throwback In The Snow
Tyvek – Future Junk
Tha Retail Simps — End-Times Hip-Shaker Pts. 1&2
Research Reactor Corp. – VHS
David Nance – No Night Fighter
Rosali – It’s A Short Walk
Mint Mile – Wound
Spray Paint – Nice Hustle

Pozi – Typing
Builenradar – I’ve Stolen All The Lakes so Now Your Gods Don’t Have no Mirrors
Marc Richter – Spiral Organ Of Corti
1127 – Gharbala 2020
Deadly Orgone Radiation – Obstruction
Ab Baars / Terrie Ex / Kaja Draksler – When The Hills Run Across The Fields, Pt. 1
Rempis / Reid / Abrams – Schubertii
Gnawa Music Of Marrakesh – Chabako