Newsday’s Neil Best on the biggest screwup at the YES Network since John Sterling’s tickets to “Man Of La Mancha” were misplaced.

Holy cow. Several readers have alerted me that while I was busy tracking SNY’s reaction shots of Willie Randolph Wednesday night, hilarity was occurring on YES.

In the top of the third inning, after a shot of Orioles batting coach Terry Crowley, a tape of an infamous old Earl Weaver rant about Crowley could be heard over Ken Singleton’s commentary. It could be heard even better when a stunned Singleton stopped talking.

“Terry Crowley is lucky he’s in —- baseball, for Christ’s sake,” Weaver said. “He was released by the Cincinnati Reds, he was released by the . . . ”
At that point Michael Kay started talking and Weaver’s voice faded out as another round of profanities was about to come along.