With this week’s unveiling of some brutal clip-art branding for his upcoming subscription-only podcast/portal/thing, former Sirius/XM host Dino Costa achieved the rare feat of having as many logos for his new product as he possesses legit twitter followers.  If that wasn’t enough to convince his handful of acolytes the vaunted “Dino Project” (think “The Manhattan Project”, only louder and less insightful) was worth $10 a month, Costa posted a rather unflattering portrait of former colleague / titular “Mad Dog Radio” boss Chris Russo, resplendent in a pose that wasn’t quite butch enough for the former (keeping in mind Dino’s personal style guru would appear to be this guy).  What followed via Costa’s Twitter account was curious, even by his standards ; apparently Dino’s Boston-based money marks have conducted a focus group and determined the key to their investment is some combination of bullying/outing/calling Chris Russo a fag. It’s that sort of fierce independence that mysteriously failed to find a prior audience at satellite radio, myriad whistle-stops at podunk-ish / secondary markets, but seems destined to generate at least a couple of hundred dollars in annual revenues this time around.

Which isn’t great news for anyone looking to collect on a debt (blood, stone, etc.)