The ongoing dispute between former Mets legend Art Shamsky and former wife Kim has been noted in this space on two previous occasions, but little can properly prepare you for the latter’s visit to WFAN’s Astoria studios Wednesday morning. Nor, for that matter, today’s story, courtesy of the New York Post’s Aliyah Shahid and David K. Li, in which Kim — allegedly tipped off by Craig Carton — accosted Art on a midtown Manhattan sidewalk.

Kim Shamsky confronted the New York sports hero at Gallagher’s Steakhouse, where he and several other members of the legendary 1969 Mets squad were part of a benefit for the American Heart Association.As Shamsky hit the sidewalk to leave, Kim ambushed the Met and stalked him down 52nd Street, screaming at him and demanding a verbal throwdown.

“Set yourself free . . . Why can’t you look at me?” a rampaging Kim shouted, as Shamsky tried to speed away with his ear glued to a cellphone.

He made it just a half-block east to Broadway, before deciding to reverse course and seek protection back inside Gallagher’s from his angry ex.

The bickering couple was married in 1994 and divorced 12 years later.

Kim sued Shamsky last year, claiming she’s owed compensation for the “physiological and emotional injuries” associated with his years of unfaithfulness.

“He believes his own lies and he just hides, because everything he does is a lie and he can’t admit it,” said Kim, a wealthy entrepreneur who built an empire of temporary-employment agencies.

“I have e-mails that he’s done this to other people so justice will be served when this comes out in court,” she said of the electronic paper trail she’s basing her court case on.

“He was leading a double, triple, quadruple life.”

Kim said she decided to take her case to the street to confront her former husband publicly and remind him that she’s not through with him.

“I just wanted to say, ‘Bye, Artie, see you in court,’ ” Kim said. “I want justice to be served in the court.”

Inside the restaurant, Shamsky bristled when asked about his ex-wife.

“Why would you even ask me that question?” the agitated jock yelled.