…but you probably have to wait until 11am tomorrow. Wikipedia helpfully describes John Badham’s 1974 film, “The Gun” as “a series of interweaving stories that tell the journey of a handgun as it passes from one owner to another.”  Somehow, I remember seeing it a kid and was under the mistaken impression the entire film was shot from the perspective of the gun barrel.

Some 40 years later, I’ll admit that’s a rather thin conceptual conceit to base an entire long-form motion picture upon, but not much worse than, y’know, what they actually did.

Anyhow, I only bring this up because of the Meat Joy LP going for $30 in the new arrivals bin at End Of An Ear today. The only reason I’m not launching a Kickstarter to make a movie about that album’s journey from one owner to another is because I’m pretty sure I’d use the money to buy more records and never get around to manufacturing any bumper stickers reading “I’d Rather Be Watching The Documentary About The Slightly Cat Urine-Stained Meat Joy Album”.  Even so, there’s every reason to suspect it would be a more successful crowd-funding exercise than anything the Yonkers Cowboy has pulled of late.