At least spared us the editorializing for a change. By contrast, the fucking ghouls at METAL INJECTION went with a headline reading “Killswitch Engine’s bus hit an elk but everyone is ok”. Everyone? The elk didn’t survive what the band are optimistically calling “an accident”, and it doesn’t sit well with me at all that wildlife are being snuffed out in order for Killswitch Engine to continue their campaign of avarice and greed.

With that in mind, for the 170th consecutive week, I will not be featuring any music by Killswitch Engine on The Radio Hour That Feels Like Two Hours. Mostly because they’re fucking terrible, but also because they are elk murderers.

Blue Orchids – Tableau Vivant
Touch Girl Apple Blossom – Sidewalk
Sloppy Heads – Between Pitches (Vibrator)
Terry Funk – We Like To Rock
Terry Funk – On Castrating Cactus Jack
GELD – Clock Keeps Crawling
Effigies – Haunted Town
Oleksandr Yurchenko – Playback #1
Mordecoli – II
Little Skull – A Wayside Shrine (Pt. I)
Holden – Blackpool Late Eighties
Stars Of The Lid – The Lonely People Are Getting Lonelier
Ky- Elvin Silverware
Han-Earl Park, Lara Jones and Pat Thomas – Metastability
Jaimie Branch – Burning Grey
Sunburned Hand Of The Man – Workingman’s Dump Megamix 2