Because the saga of Pete Burns’ Gorilla Coat is the only thing worth getting out of bed for. Well, that and Osama Bin-Laden’s analysis of U.S. public opinion polls (“Gordon….rhymes with Jordan!” exhults the al Queada chieftan).

(Pete, in less flamboyant days)

From the Mirror :

Police last night swooped on the Celebrity Big Brother house to seize the controversial “gorilla coat” worn by transvestite pop star Pete Burns.

The Dead Or Alive singer, who has worn the bizarre coat a number of times since entering the reality TV show house, told fellow guests that it was made from the fur of an endangered species.

He instantly clashed with fellow contestant Jodie Marsh, now evicted, who told him the coat was cruel.

Channel 4, who host Big Brother, was immediately inundated with complaints from viewers concerned about animal welfare.

A Police spokeswoman confirmed this afternoon that the coat had been handed over to officers from Hertfordshire Constabulary.