(Furious Styles, only partially to blame for dismemberment)

Incredibly, Rob Styles wasn’t the biggest casualty from last Sunday’s Liverpool v Chelsea 1-1 draw, as Belfast Today explains.

Father-of-two Willie McClatchey, 34, had been drinking and watching football on TV with a friend just hours before he was attacked and his body dismembered.

Police found his heavily-tattooed limbs and torso dumped in two wheelie bins behind a block of flats in east Belfast.

A blood-stained blanket was also recovered from one of the bins in a courtyard at housing association property Pottinger House, off Castlereagh Street in The Mount area.

A brother of the dead man said: œIt isn™t so much that he is dead “ it is how it was done. To be dead was bad enough.

A neighbour added: œIt™s like something out of a Quentin Tarantino film.

It is believed the victim had been in the area since Sunday, when he watched live television coverage of Liverpool™s 1-1 draw against Chelsea.

The Mirror claims McClatchey was “hacked to pieces and dumped in two wheelie bins by a Chelsea supporter after a row over the controversial penalty in Sunday’s match.”

Not to sound too cavalier about violent crime, but at least we know for certain no matter how many trophies raised, no matter how many millions of pounds Roman Abramovich spends, there’s still some portion of Chelsea’s support that would just as soon leave your body in two dumpsters instead of one.