Houston’s PCL affiliate Round Round Express went something like 6 years without a rainout, and all of a sudden they’ve had 2 in 3 days. Tonight at the Dell Diamond, the Express saw a 2-run HR by Brian Gordon (above) held in baseball limbo for two months. Round Rock’s 2-1 advantage after two innings will remain when the hosts and New Orleans resume last night’s suspended game on June 18.

Prior to Gordon’s blast, there was a 35 minute rain delay, followed by a power failure, then more torrential rain.

This evening’s journey to Williamson County was not without its redeeming features, however, as I cannot say enough good things about Nolan Ryan’s Aged Beef.

His Steak-On-A-Stick is pretty tasty, too.

Your ugly pitching line of the night comes from the Eastern League (AA), where Akron starter Nick Pesco allowed 9 earned runs on seven hits and a pair of walks in just one inning of work against Altoona.

Assuming nothing else happens between now and April 29 to cheer him up, perhaps Pesco can drown his sorrows at Tin Huey’s upcoming reunion gig.