The Mets’ Carlos Delgado was named the recipient of MLB’s Roberto Clemente Award, an honor intended “to recognize the player who best exemplified sportsmanship, community involvement and contribution to his team.”

On a somewhat less dignified tip, Fire Joe Morgan has a slightly different postseason accolade in mind for a certain, gritty, hardworking shortstop.

“Behind every great team on the diamond, lurking in the shadow of baseball superstars, live the role players who sacrifice for their team in often unrecognized effort. Which of these role players’ best deserves recognition for their contributions as the Holiday Inn Look Again Player of the Year?”

The apostrophe behind the second “role players” is sic. Here’s my translation from adver-marketing bullshit-speak into English:

Behind all the great colored and Latino or whatever the fuck players who are actually good at baseball, in the deep dark shadow-realm of guys who only make $3 to 8 million dollars a year, live the role players whose jobs are so torturous and awful that other grown humans pay to see them and applaud when they walk into their offices. White, tiny, albino, and white, these Ecksteins, proto-Ecksteins, and mega-Ecksteins need more love from crappy budget-priced motel chains and you, the paying fan. Which of these Ecksteins is the Eckiest? The answer: David Eckstein.

Hot Foot’s Luke Halpert has a replacement for Cliff Floyd in mind, and it’s not Da Edge.

What if we traded Lastings Milledge and Phil Humber to the Devil Rays for Crawford? It would be a perfect trade for both teams. The Mets get a proven player who also happens to be a Jose Reyes clone to fill the void in left field and possibly anchor the top of the lineup with Reyes, giving the Mets, without a doubt, the best 1-2 punch at the top of the order in baseball. As for the Devil Rays, they get a great young outfielder they can replace Crawford with in Milledge and let him develop in their system along with Delmon Young, Elijah Dukes and the rest of Tampa’s young stud position players. Humber not only fills the Rays’ request for a young pitcher, but a quality one who can establish himself as one of the better pitchers in the American League.

Then again, the Mets did trade the Rays Scott Kazmir for Victor Zambrano, so maybe they owe them a Crawford for Brian Bannister trade?

Terry Pendleton has removed himself from consideration
in the Nationals’ manager search, presumably to spend more time with Joe Girardi’s family.

There were a combined 53 runs scored and 87 hits tallied over 3 Arizona Fall League games on Tuesday. When Tim Marchman wrote the pitching was unimpressive this postseason, this surely wasn’t what he had in mind.