If Not-Shea’s worst offense is the horrible sightlines — and kinda-sorta-obviously dishonest salesmanship of those seats — then Yankee Stadium’s are less well-known to me, if only because I kind of figured it’d be a while before I went to that stadium. I know their bleachers apparently have laughably, implausibly bad views of the field (and that some peculiarly self-important louts aren’t happy about this) and that the stadium’s most expensive seats are often empty. But in his blog for the Lower Hudson Valley Journal-News, Peter Abraham exposes another absurdity of Hankenstein Gardens and Ball Yard — first- and second-class bathrooms.

How far does the class warfare extend in Yankee Stadium? All the way to the men™s room.

According to the charmingly titled Fack Youk blog, there are dividers between the urinals in the field level bathrooms but not in the bathrooms elsewhere in the stadium.

It™s astonishing that somebody had a meeting to decide this. But apparently they did. Somebody needs to investigate the quality of the toilet paper. I™d bet anything the field level seats have two ply and everybody else gets recycled sandpaper.

Thanks to Jimmy Laakso for the link, and to Peter Abraham for the introduction to Fack Youk, which is clearly written by a tenured economist — I’m thinking probably this guy. Click the link above if you want to find out why rich people can’t be real fans. Oh, okay, here you go: “If you have a job that allows you to spend anywhere from $100K to $800K on two Yankees season tickets, you aren’t going to have much time in the day to read blogs or listen to sports talk radio. Wealthy folks also go out to dinner pretty often. When do they do that? Probably in the neighborhood of 7-10 at night, give or take, and three or four star restaurants aren’t going to have the game on TV.” Burn-ie Williams, overclass! (This whole thing is really embarrassing)