Phil Garner’s National League About-To-Lose-Again All-Stars,

1. LF- Alfonso Soriano – Nationals
2. CF- Carlos Beltran – Mets
3. 1B- Albert Pujols – Cardinals
4. RF- Jason Bay – Pirates
5. SS- Edgar Renteria – Braves
6. 3B- David Wright – Mets
7. 2B- Chase Utley – Phillies
8. C- Paul Lo Duca – Mets
9. SP- Brad Penny – Dodgers

(courtesy Mets Blog)

And after all the great things he’s done over the past year and a half, David Wright is bured, again, in the 6th slot.

Despite pinch-running on Saturday and Sunday (moves that couldn’t possibly have resulted in further injury to a player that slides hands-first), Jose Reyes will miss Tuesday’s Midsummer Classic.

For the American League, Ozzie Guillen has arranged the following :

1. Ichiro Suzuki, Mariners, RF
2. Derek Jeter, Yankees, SS
3. David Ortiz, Red Sox, 1B
4. Alex Rodriguez, Yankees, 3B
5. Vladimir Guerrero, Angels, LF
6. Ivan Rodriguez, Tigers, C
7. Vernon Wells, Blue Jays, CF
8. Mark Loretta, Red Sox, 2B
9. Kenny Rogers, Tigers, P

There’s no truth to the rumor Bobby Valentine was leaving Cliff Floyd messages all Sunday afternoon telling he’d been picked to fill-in for Albert Pujols in the Home Run Derby.

Thanks to Tom Glavine actually doing the job for which he is paid handsomely, Chris Capuano’s vacation is ruined.

(UPDATE : Cardinals SS David Eckstein takes Reyes’ spot on the NL roster. White Sox P, Jose Contreras, previously tipped to start for the AL, has been replaced on the AL staff by Twins phenom Francisco Liriano. Which denies us the biggest thing to complain about this week, other than how badly Big & Rich suck.)