I’m only linking to this item because I would like to make the following prediction :

Jim Rome will mention it at some point during his broadcast tomorrow, perhaps reviewing the facts several dozen times.

He will also be sure to add, “at least he wasn’t making them play soccer”.

In a completely unrelated story, “Slapshot II : Breaking The Ice”, starring Stephen Baldwin and Gary Busey is a very, very bad film. Even compared to other films starring Stephen Baldwin.

Since today is considered a day of rest for many persons who worship something or other, that meant there was at least one day this week the New York Rangers wouldn’t lose a game. Rangers defenseman Tom Poti had the following to say to the Journal News’ Andrew Gross after being benched prior to last night’s 3-1 defeat in Buffalo.

“I don’t feel I should be the guy that’s made the example of every time,” said Poti. “The last time I took it as a positive, kept my mouth shut, went out and worked hard and got back in the lineup and played great. This time, I don’t know.”

Poti said Renney told him in a “professional” conversation prior to yesterday’s morning skate, though Poti told Renney he disagreed with the decision. Later, Poti called the term “firm” vague.

Renney said he will go over video with Poti to illustrate what he wants.

“I felt I played five awesome games in a row and I was starting to get my feel back, get my confidence back,” said Poti, adding he, like the rest of the team, was “average” Thursday. “If the coach doesn’t have confidence to play you, you can’t have confidence in yourself.”

But when Poti listed what he thought he had done well since last being scratched, he only mentioned his offensive contributions. Renney acknowledged he could be seeking something Poti just isn’t capable of providing.

Poti said he hadn’t contemplated yet whether he wants to be traded. But he hesitated when asked whether his relationship with Renney was beyond repair.

“I didn’t think so,” Poti said. “Maybe it is. Obviously there’s got to be something there that I’m not seeing and I don’t know about. I feel I deserve to be in the lineup, that’s the bottom line.”