Incredibly, there’s a duo working even harder then Stephon Marbury and Eddy Curry to get Isiah Thomas fired (mp3, link from the New York Post’s Marc Berman).

Presumably ruffled by the above smash hit, Isiah Thomas manged to get tossed from tonight’s home tilt with Houston, as the Rockets currently lead the Knicks, 80-74 with 9:02 remaining.

Not for the first or last time, Dave D’Alesandro of the Newark Star Ledger has proven more adept at handling reader mail than your harried editor :

DD: Happy New Year! I am a big fan of Ian Eagle, but I’m just not digging his nickname for Sean Williams: “Elastic man.” There have to be better options. Any ideas?

MJ: Oh, do keep up. We at the Home Office turned this task over to the Perfessor in preseason, and after four days of committee hearings and a substantial bribe from French loyalists, he settled on “Le Freak Elastique.” (See Arun’s letter above – he’s on board.) But we’re not going to hit Ian up for royalties for his silly Anglocized version. He’s already in trouble with the Stacey Augmon Fan Club.

Let me get this straight — Rip Hamilton wears a mask? Nothing against his choice, but wouldn’t this be more entertaining?