2024 resolutions for the show

1) as I’ve been bereft of ideas for at least 3 years, lean on @bogstandard2 for all programming decisions (he’s responsible of this week’s Su Lyn selection)
2) when Mark runs out of ideas in 4-5 weeks, segue to an ALL-FANG FORMAT. Nothing but Fang, every show.
3) after the initial FANG BUMP, listenership will drop to the low double digits at which point I’ll announce a lengthy sabbatical with a cryptic tweet (ok, “X”) simply reading “FANGS FOR THE MEMORIES”

and that’s it. Everything else is fine and why fuck with perfection.

Su Lyn – Answering Machine
Charlene Darling – Abril Terra
Futuro Antico – Futuro Antico
Zoh Amba with William Parker, Francisco Mela – Three Flowers
Sky Furrows – There Is No Cause For Concern
Moleskine – A Pervert Urge
hyperculte – Distress
Jackie 0-Motherfucker – Trail Ride
Felicia Atkinson – The Lake Is Speaking
Omertà – Moments In Love
Clark/Shaw/Wits – Not Before Time