like many of you, I’ve been throughly enjoying Jim Ruland’s exhaustively researched ‘Corporate Rock Sucks : The Story Of SST’, however I think it’s time to take an equally deep dive into another historically neglected subgenre from the same era. Much the way TKO Posse’s, “Daddy’s On The Pipe” was the perfect rejoinder to The Dogs’ “Mama’s On Crack Rock”, my forthcoming book, ‘Corporate Rock Fucking Rules’ is gonna be the ultimate answer-tome to Ruland’s SST effort. Concrete Blonde, Broken Homes, Lone Justice, The Motels, The Call, Wire Train. I mean, the list goes on forever and despite never having seen or met any of the bands in question (or in some instances, ever having heard a note of their music), i’m EXACTLY the right person to chronicle the movement. If you’ve ever asked yourself, “when are the blandest artists of that generation gonna get their “My Band Could Bore Your Wife’?”, the answer is, “however long it takes to find a publisher (and a ghost-writer who will settle for 10% of the advance)”.

This week’s show does not feature any music from Concrete Blonde, Broken Homes, Lone Justice, The Motels, The Call or Wire Train,not due to rights clearance issues but rather I’m not sure you could handle it (I certainly couldn’t)

Richard Youngs – Hi Def Atmos
Ak’chamel – Amazonian Tribes Mimicking The Sound of Chainsaws
Craig Leon – Ring With Three Concentric Circles
Vivien Goldman – Private Armies
Flowdan vs. Nicky Forcer
Gangsta Boo – Chop Shop
ICD10 – Can’t See Out
Razar – Task Force
Black Flag / Dez – Clocking In
Egor – Fathers Of America
David Linton – Reciprocity
Joanna Mattrey & Gaby Fluke-Mogul – The Blade
Earscratcher – Mimikaki
Tongue Depressor – Never Saw’m