as we knock 2022 on the head, episode 135 is a brief preview of ESPN’s efforts this weekend to revive their 2005 telecast of Little Steven’s Underground Garage’s “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve”. While the original program (hosted by Little Steven and the late Stuart Scott) featured performances by The Chesterfield Kings and the Moony Suzuki, due to budget considerations all they can afford this year is a pre-recorded “content capture” provided by David Koresh Jr. (much like Frank Sinatra Jr., his set is wildly unappreciated and often poorly attended). The fiery finale might not be to everyone’s taste, but trust me, it beats NYE at Hotel Vegas, no matter how it all plays out.

This week’s show will not feature any music by David Koresh Jr. , not because of any rights clearance issues, but rather than entire department has walked on in protest over their xmas bonuses (ie. there weren’t any)

MoMA Ready – Rupture Science
Strahinja Arbutina – Golden Interference
Beau Wanzer – 2:16 AM
Hieroglyphic Being – Thanks 4 The Tracks You Lost 2
L/F/D/M – Milk House
Prison Religion – Roanoke Death Star
Cell Rot – Sick Little Fuckers
Kinetic Orbital Strike – Anguished Misery
eyehategod – Run It Into The Ground
Oneida – Low Tide
Feeling Figures – Person Of Tomorrow
JJ/B – Movement 2
Water Damage – Live At Hotel Vegas, 12/01/22
Public Relations – Marvin
Control Unit – Real Close
The Hams – Giving Thanks
Dr. Pete Larson & The Seething Snakes – Koblo
Joanna Robertson & Sidsel Meineche – Kitchen Floor