you know the saying, “The Gerard Cosloy Radio Hour That Feels Like Two Hours Is For The Children”? No, I cannot say I have ever heard it before either, but in light of Big Thief’s invitation to educators (BRING KIDS TO SOUNDCHECK – GENIUS STUFF) I am extended a similar invite to school classes, youth groups, church outings, etc. to observe THIS PROGRAM’s preparation and production. I believe it was Al Jourgensen who said “a (creative) mind is terrible thing to taste” though chances are he meant “waste” and no one in his inner circle had the guts to point out the error. However, my point is rather simple — by observing the creative process up close, DEMYSTIFYING the podcast machinations (which are so very difficult, hardly anyone can figure it out), I am perhaps ensuring a future generation grows up with some modicum of inspiration. If I can help just one young person to avoid ending up like Al Jourgensen, it will all have been worth it (though to be truthful, I hope it’s at least 3 or 4 young people otherwise it’s not an efficient use of my very valuable time).

Cheap DJ – Vigilance
Planetary Assault Systems – The Messenger
UAN0018 – White Dub
The Bug / Toastie Taylor – Beats, Bombs, Bass, Weapons
Suzi Analogue – Cybershine Nn Any Weather
Supreme Low / Sensational – Everybody Ready (Maenad Veyl remix)
Nick Klein – Push Your Luck
The Associates – A Severe Case Of Career Insecurity (Peel Session, 1982)
Gunslingers – Sucked Into The Bottom
Grey Daturas – Answered In The Negative
Fifty Foot Hose – Cauldron
Portland Bike Ensemble – A3 from Skiff’s Pics, Vol. 1
Smelly Feet – You’re A Person
Married FM – I’m Gonna Find It
Negative Trend – Black And Red
Johnny Moped – I Wanna Die
Scissor Girls – A Dedication To Cronies & Goats
Grey/Smith – Hi-Westward
BRAHJA – Accessibility Of Soul
Paal Nilsson-Love / Lasse Marhaug – I Will Walk Like A Crazy Horse
Karla Borecky – Cracking The Whip