For episode 85, let’s celebrate the 5th anniversary of the time I was physically ejected from an opening day matinee screening of “Patriot’s Day” because my ringtone (the Dropkick Murphy’s “Shipping Up To Boston”) went off a half dozen times during the film’s first 30 minutes. It was a new phone, I had trouble finding the mute button in the dark. This was an unfortunate incident for all parties, especially Odyssey Entertainment, parent company of Austin’s since shuttered CineMagic7. I’d have been happy with a personal apology and some free movie passes but negotiations broke down and here we are, with another giant abandoned building. I can’t talk about much of it on this show — I had to sign an NDA, which apparently stands for “NO, DON’T ASK” — but I think you’ll find the musical portions entertaining. The first half hour, anyway.

MX80 Sound – Kid Stuff
Ceramicist – Going To Therapy To Talk To An Optional Boss Fight
My Dad Is Dead – The Entrepreneur
Jeff Tobias – Our Very Recent Past
Virvon Varvon- Allergies
John M. Bennett – The Shirt The Sheet
Sarah Ruth – Say What
Ghostings – Inside A Memory
Tanya Tagaq – Teeth Agape
Jonas Bering – Who Is Who
Autumns – Big Up The Fat Boss
SWAP MEET! – Xcessive Force
Leron Carson – Under The Conditions
Mount Florida – Postal
Mike Quigley – Problem Domain
Marta Forsberg – Light Colours In Jyderup
Keeley Forsyth – Bring Me Water
Khan Jamal – Infinity
John Butcher – Tarab Cuts part IV
Bugpowder – Times Square
Ernesto Diaz-Infante – Certain Not To Exist