As a life long resident of what I like to call, “the live music capital”, I could not be more proud of Austin, TX’s cultural diversity, especially in the way it’s been showcased by my efforts.  While CSTB’s curmudgeonly publisher openly trades in negativity, elitism and advocacy of people who think they’re too damn cool to send me a soundcloud link, I’m out there in the trenches, supporting a wider range of new bands that don’t need some outsider from the big, bad city to quash their enthusiasm.

To paraphrase one of my favorite comic minds, James Belushi, I cover both kinds of music : indie and rock.  And I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let the musical legacies of Fastball, Sound Team, Voxtrot, Patrice Pike and Romeo Rose get trashed by someone who probably doesn’t even remember Thursday nights at The Whiskey Bar.

Stuff like this (see above) just makes me wonder what he’s trying to prove, and why is my car being keyed every other day.   You’re better than this, Austin, Texas.  We’re a city that can rise above such petty concerns and concentrate on what’s really important — branding opportunities and building new hotels.  Please join with me in rejecting the hostile, know-it-all rhetoric typified by this blog, and let’s a build a future where our kids don’t ever have to encounter a person who isn’t exactly like them.  Thank you, and keep on rockin’!