As some of you have probably guessed, many weeks I struggle to come up with original content for this program. The syndication service behind the show recently told me that telling the story about the time I was asked to leave the Bloodhound Gang’s green room would not be sufficient basis for a two hour podcast.

Instead, it was suggested that I take a tip from some of my alleged “peers” in the world of online radio and invite a luminary or two to contribute what’s known in the industry as a “guest mix”.

The trouble is, I was also informed these guest contributors are only likely to boost listenership if they are exceedingly attractive. The way it was explained to me was “threes and fours don’t want to listen to fives and sixes, they’re only interested in nines and tens.”

Frankly, this is too much arithmetic for me. As far as I’m concerned, you’re all number ones. So we’re back to that story about the Bloodhoung Gang’s green room. Plus two hours of music, give or take.

Coloured Balls – Flash
Civic – Back To You
Bizarros – Young Girls At Market
The Bongos – Telephoto Lens
Come – City Of Fun
E – Any Information
Winged Wheel – Monsella
Black Vatican – Oceanic
Psyche Nah – Barwars
Ozone – Trailer
Martha Skye Murphy – Stuck
Idea Fire Company – The Bitter End
Teresa Winter – Touch My Soul, Pray For My Body
Felicia Atkinson & Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – The Hidden
Vanessa Rossetto / Lionel Marchetti – The Tower
Aaron Turner – The Vanity of Need
DJ Speedsick – Neurotoxicity Blues
Solvent Cobalt – The Ordinary Man
Dim Garden – Dread Grotesque
Cremation Lilly – An Outline Of How We Might Feel
Patrick Shiroishi & Jeff Tobias – A2
Tashi Dorji – dead cities lie buried / lift comrades, lift comrades!
Michel Henritzi & Fukouka Rinji – Floating Dimension
Eyes of the Amaryllis – Wild Strawberries