Episode 92 is upon us and as much as I appreciate all of your cards and letters each week (the cards, anyway) at the risk of being overly sensitive I must take issue with any instance in which this show has been characterized as a “mix” or a “mixtape” or god fucking forbid, a “playlist”. I’m certain there are philistines out there who engage in that sort of thing and if that’s how they choose to distract themselves, who am I to offer them a lift to clown college? But where THIS ENDEAVOR is concerned, there is so much more that goes into each week’s production (never mind the mind-blowing results) that I’m genuinely offended..nay, MORTIFIED that you’d liken something this pivotal, this cataclysmic, to a mere mix.

Aside from my dishwasher exploding and flooding the entire production studio (OK, my kitchen) during the recording of this program, I think it is my greatest achievement*

(* – this month)

Devon Rexi – Human Snax
Cosmo Vitelli – Patient Zero
Biped – Silence
K- Trap – Edgeware Road (feat. LT)
DJ Big Tim – Tryna Cross A Killer
Vapor Gourds – The Mask That Eats The Face
Rat Heart – Can’t Have Nowt
Nikolaienko – Cut Up
Syko Friend – Don’t You Find Me, Honey?
Mess Esque – Sweetspot
The Double – Dawn Of The Double
Jon Collin – Track 3  from ‘Fiddle No. 2’
Strugglin ‘ – The Instant I Fumble The Bag
Cantenac Dagar – Saique
Paul Chain – Lattitude