This week’s planned and carefully researched episode, “Top 20 New Bands For The Music Trade Fair Jamal Khashoggi Would’ve Recommended Had He Not Been Hacked To Death” was scrapped at the last minute on the advice of the program’s legal counsel. He put it to me in terms even I could understand : ?“listening to Disappears’ extensive back catalog = good. Getting disappeared = bad.”

So with that firmly in mind,, I wish said convention’s new ownership all the best and shall instead try to focus on the many ways this event is ushering in a new progressive era (for instance, there’s no longer a Fader Fort). The hastily scrapped-together musical contents for show #93 might not be as scintillating as the listicle I’d toiled on, but it’s gonna have to suffice.

No Home – Warped Bow
Tube Alloy – My Kind Of Game
Eyelids – Fantastic Life
Mouse On Mars w/ Mark E. Smith – Cut The Gain
Minibeast – Spiral Finks
The Far Corners – Pull To One Side
The Four Plugs – Wrong Treatment
Helen Keller – Dump The Chump
Mexican Coke – White Pantera
Strahinja Arbutina – Take Me To Your Stash Spot
Nappynappa – Project Heros
Bonnie Baxter – Skirt
More Klementines – Frontside
Didi Kern & Philipp Quehenberger – Linz B
Dave Rempis / Avreeayl Ra Duo – Fire & Ash
Moglass – Untitled track 1
Bailterspace – First Time Recording
Lead – Romance Tomorrow
Seixlack – Wintergreen