For episode 94, I would like to openly confess that I am just more than a little bit conflicted about doing this show right in the middle of WFMU’s annual marathon — the last thing I would want to do is undermine their fund-raising efforts even slightly by streaming a show that is so utterly fantastically entertaining, all other programs — online or off — seem feeble by comparison.

So with that in mind, rather than distract from that broadcaster’s two-week victory lap (IS IT OVER YET?), I’m instead DOING MY PART to assist by uploading a show that is only 80 percent as good as it is most weeks. Far be it for me to steal their thunder right when they need it, y’know, unstolen.

You can contribute to WFMU at – if you can possibly pry yourself from listening to this episode multiple times. I wish you luck, sincerely.
* – OK, 90 percent.

Strahinja Arbutina – No Reason
Speaker Music – Ex-America Blues
Nick Klein & Maoupa Mazzochetti – side b
Des bons pierre – Seul Comme Sombre
Shit and Shine – North Atlantic
Beak – Granby Hill
Barrera – La Oscura Trampa
Twang! – Sharp!
Ellis Island Sound – Tape Deck
Treasury Of Puppies – Rotten Apples Of Love
Syko Friend – Fly Canyon
Louie Louie – Animal
The New Friends Of Music – Waves Of Joy 2
Masayuki Takayangi – First Session 2 (Gradually Projection)
Brandon Seabrook – In The Swarm
Ana Fosca – The In-Between Expanded and Became Everything
Tim Barnes – 29 Acoustic Sound Generators For Summer