A lot of thought went into the preparation of episode 95 of this program so I’m slightly frustrated upon learning it’s debut is going simultaneous with the Lifetime Movie Network’s screen of “Mommy’s Deadly Con-Artist” (“after Denise (Jackie Harry) loses her husband, she is determined to find who did it, which leads her to tracking down Stephanie and her ‘mother.’ But things are not as they appear when a wealthy family stands to lose everything at the hands of this mother and daughter tandem. Dey Young, Chelsea Gilson, Rib Hillis, Andrew Phillip Rodgers, Sophia Katarina co-star.”). I’m pretty sure this is what people in the entertainment industry call splitting the audience. Sure, both artistic masterpieces are available to listen to or view on demand, but putting aside for a moment the importance of a collective cexperience, how exactly am I meant to operate in the cultural shadow of MOMMY’S DEADLY CON-ARTIST?

I couldn’t get clearance from Lifetime to use a still from “Mommy’s Deadly Con-Artist”, so instead I’ve opted for a photo of some trees that came down during the tornado the other night.

The Sleepers – Seventh World
Mayroc – Lovin’ Fire
Xero -Death, Destruction & Despair
Skourge – Enemy To Everyone
Dälek – Decimation (Dis Nation)
Blue Ruth – Almost Gone
Corrections House – I Was Never Good At Meth
SPK – Slogun
Unrequested Artist – Untitled (mathe matik version)
The Frenzied Bricks – (Can) I Bridge The Gap
Mark Morgan – 13.10.18
Wet Mirror – Iron Bird Seed
Staubitz & Waterhouse – Septic
Steel Dangerous – Snow Report 1/17/22
John Colpitts – Bread
Valentina Goncharova – Reincarnation II
Bendik Giske – Matter, Pt. 3
Helena Celle – Miming Swinging Baseball Bat