for episode 96, I’ve taken a slight detour — shortly after the one hour mark, there’s a lengthy interview with Max Meehan and Justin Bissonette the curatorial minds behind Austin independent wrestling company Inspire A.D. (FKA Inspire Pro) It would take several hours to properly detail these individuals’ accomplishments as developers of talent so instead I just glossed over it. You think Ricky Starks, Keith Lee, Thunder Rosa, Sammy Guevara and countless others just became the toasts of national television without years of foundation-forming? These guys are the (fucking) foundation formers, or 2 of them, at least. On the precipice of Inspire A.D.’s Wrestlemania Weekend debut this Saturday in Arlington TX (see fig. 2), Max and Biss break down the card for what should be one of their most pivotal events.

Prior to and after the interview, there’s the usual mix of music and recriminations, so don’t worry. I KNOW HOW MUCH YOU HATE CHANGE.

The Lloyd Pack – The Song ‘Angus’
Soft Shoulder – Left Over, Table Top
Stefan Christensen – Luxury Is God
Joanna Robertson & Sidsel Meineche Hansen – Different Train
Plastic Candles – All The Time In The World
Stick Men WIth Ray Guns – Christian Rat Attack
Dennis Gonzalez – The Fundamentals of Transits
Triple Negative – Fine Cargo Of Lacquer
Anton Ignorant – Banal
Philip Jeck – Some Pennies
Weak Signal – Songworld
Radius Etc. – Shine Through
Delroy Edwards – Defcon 5
Cheb Terro Vs. DJ Die Soon – We Destroy The Family
Robert Hood – Sleep Cycle
Beau Wanzer – Crush Of Lust
Jordan Reyes & Eli Winter – Screwdrivers In The Garden
Michael Morley – 3xstrlptrcks43