“Everybody’s got something that keeps them awake at night. When you can’t tell the difference between nightmares and what’s real, that’s when you’re no good to yourself or anyone else.”

Thinking about the late Yaphet Kotto’s work as Lieutenant Al Giardello and Smokey James. But thinking about other stuff, too. It’s a long show, there’s room for more than a couple of thoughts, but perhaps not a double digit number of thoughts.

Jack Nitzsche / Captain Beefheart – Hard Workin Man
X Blank X – You’re Full Of Shit
Soft Shoulder – Touchless Display
Vitamin – Black Sheep
Child’s Pose – October
The Fall – Fit & Working Again (Live at St. Helen’s Technical College, 1981)
Spiritual Mafia – Hybrid Animal
Yaphet Kotto – Have You Ever Seen The Blues?
Polyrock – Your Dragging Feet

Speaker Music – Our Unfinished Sonic Revolution––Amiri Baraka’s Afro-American Lyric
Lostsoundbytes – Screw Loose
JFK – Embryo
Rebecca Wilcox & Helen Ellul – Too Much
Bhajan Bhoy – Magicho
Matthew J. Rolin – When I Could See

Terence Hannum – Everyone Has Gathered Here To Destroy You
Golem Mecanique – Cadere
Roscoe & Friends X Spider Sabich – Take This (Unsatisfying Radio) Job & Shove It
Pay Dirt – Harrier Spray
McGruff’s Smart Kids – Don’t Do Inhalents

Jon Collin – The Great Underwater
Russell Hoke – Coronation
Rob Noyes – Tackbeater