photo by Angela Betancourt

This EP was recorded, produced, and mixed incorrectly for seven years by the members of Borzoi. We are legally compelled to state that we ignored 12XU’s advice at every turn. Mastered by Carl Saff.

Thank you Nick, James, Cia, Joe, Carlos, Gerard, Andy, Taylor’s Mom, Taylor’s Dad, Sailor Malan, The 43 Group, Kira Nerys, Wasteman, Leche, Trish, Katelynn, Tweedy & Nick.

This EP is dedicated to the almighty trash bin of an outer god Yog. Your reign will soon be at an end. The Usurper has arisen. He will burn your temples, he will bathe in the blood of your acolytes. You will watch with eternal life as the world forgets your name.

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