A very wise man in the financial sector once coined the phrase “grow or die” and since I am not a fan of dying, I am pleased to announced a ten percent share in this show has now been acquired by ATL social media sensation Darius Coooks.??

I recently took Coook’s online MASTERCLASS, “Unstoppable : How To Create A Winning Brand When Everyone Wants You To Lose” and was blown away by his powerful message. Afterwards, we convened and I unsuccessfully tried to get him to revse the name of the course to “Unstoppable : How To Create A Winning Brand When Everyone Wants You To Lose (Except Your Mom)” but hey, he’s the expert. And now he’s the single biggest shareholder in this program’s production company, so expect some big changes starting today. No more 40 minute conversations about independent wrestling. It’s gonna be 2 uninterrupted hours of recriminations, details and names being named. OK, maybe a few interruptions for music as I’ll need to rest my beautiful voice a bit.

Chronophage – Black Clouds
Sad Eyes Beatniks – Aristoteles’ Crater
The Verlaines – Joed Out
Warm Currency – Wash Nothing
David Nance – Yesterday Don’t Matter
Kirsten Ketsjer – Mrs. Johnson
Gretchen Korsmo – Really Good At Digging Holes
Danny Paul Grody – The Longview
The Idealist – Courage Dub
FIUME – Celebration Of Tears
DJ Narisco & Endgame – Cut
Steel Tipped Dove – Warner Wolf
Esplendor Geométrico – Brain Fungus
Sachi Kobayashi – Don’t Fall Asleep Again
Minibeast – A Few Thoughts About Thought Crime In 1969
Adrienne Mundan Dixon / Leo Chang – Seventeen
Charalambides – What Is To Come