for the 98th edition of this program, we’re taking a hard look at the possibility the 2008 exploits of Australian party monster Corey Worthington — a former guest of the show — would inspire some sort of Southern Hemisphere oneupmanship in the residency destruction sweepstakes. I thought I had it bad in this neighborhood — there’s a home on the adjacent street where I don’t think they’ve mowed the lawn in at least 2 weeks — but apparently we’re just complete and total amateurs in this part of the world when it comes to fucking shit up. So not for the first time, I invite you to sit back, listen and learn. Or stand if you prefer, maybe someone torched your couch.

The Saints – This Perfect Day (Live at The Hope & Anchor)
?Bad Breeding – Human Capital
?Cheb Terro – Baghdad Disco?
Sue Hanel – Dupe?
Rambutan – Improvisation For Ukraine?
Perikilis Tsoukalas – Seed In A Scorched Land ?
Saint Abdullah – A Lot of Kings ?
Billy Woods – The Doldrums ?
RAP – No Mixer ??
Reynols – Coilso Atomro
?Harry Pussy – No Hey ?
Storm & Stress – Guitar Cabinet Stack Way High Is Freedom Or Gravity Gives Us Rhythm?
Valentina Magaletti – She/Her/Gone
Ursula Bogner – Sonne = Blackbox
?Doronco Gumo – Elastic Plastic Erotic?
Asha Sheshadri – 1 ??(from ‘Interior Monologues’)
Gerycz/ Powers/Rolin – Cracked Steps
?Md. After Hussain & PAQ – Shomapti?
Tim Olive – Ribbon 4