if Faxed Head can form, rehearse and record in a Taco Bell’s mensroom, I see no reason why Reggie Miller cannot live in a Wendy’s – comparatively, there’s more than enough space. But this also got me to thinking — in light of director Craig Zobel receiving so much acclaim for “Mare Of Easttown”, WHAT IF he could be compelled to film a prequel to his 2012 effort “Compliance”, though on this occasion have the story take place in a Wendy’s with Reggie playing the part of the hapless manager being pranked-the-fuck-out by a PrankNet saboteur?
??It’s a 2 hour WHAT IF. WIth some music, just to break up the intensity.

Plagal Grind – Blackout?
Rose Mercie – Witching ?
Off Peak Arson – Closed Curtains ?
The Mystery – Blindfold Scales Sword
?Kee Avil – Drying
?Model Home – Naked Intentions (with Phew)
Richard H. Kirk – Amnesic Disassociation ??
Faxed Head – Gore & Guts
?Rusted Shut – Shot In The Head?
Ehrgeizig – Papal Suicide
?F/i – Threshold
?Leda – Covid Groove 2
?4-Letter Words – Spoil Sport
?Camp One – Hatred
?Underground Resistance – Toxic Broadcast?
Blackface Family – Fxxk It ?
Sour Spirit – Invocation of My Demon Brother ?
Azu Tiwaline & Al Wooten – Nine Points
?Recondite – Phalanx ??
Goatface! – Num3ro5?
Slow Riffs – Our Void?
Shirley Mastic – Head Colds ???