for episode 100, I resisted the temptation to take a victory lap — not out of modesty, but rather because it’s a rather long lap around the block and I twisted my ankle falling over 12XU overstock the other day. Instead, keeping a mindful eye on court proceedings taking place in Virginia, I thought we could deal with EXORCISING the self-pitying testimony (if not the entire visage) of the trial’s plaintiff, and with that mind, the program features the debut of the REVERSE HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES (FKA Hollywood Vampires In Reverse). Though this is not quite as spectacular as featuring The Straight Shot playing Detention’s “Dead Rock & Rollers” (in reverse), I still feel it was an entirely appropriate way to mark the occasion. SELF HIGH FIVE. There’s some other music as well. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the course of 100 episodes of a fantastic radio show, they need to be longer than 5 minutes.

Scrawl – Gutterball
NNB – Slack
Chalk – A Finger Pointing At The Moon
Frantix – My Dad’s A Fucking Alcoholic
The Girls – Methodist Church
Devon Rexi – Naster
Cosmic Slops – Release The Premium Claw
Lou Reed – Kill (y)our Sons
Broadcast – Sixty Forty
Idiota Civillzzato – Agendo Nei Dubbio
Tetuzi Akiyama & John Krausbauer – A Prayer
Loren Connors – 9th Avenue
Masayuki Takayangi – Intermittent
Survival Unit – Pt. II
Susie Ibarra – High Wave
John Butcher & Rhodri Davies – Radio Guts
Dax Pierson – I Slay The Pain
Blod – Frihetens Music – Fäll Alla Tårar
Leo Svirsky – Heights In Depths