this weekend’s relaunched Austin Psych Fest is nearly upon us and while it is tempting to weigh in on such important subjects like “do you have to remove your floppy hat before going thru the metal detectors?” and “how do the Night Beats still exist”, I’ll instead publicly state (not for the first time) that I am unprepared to tell the story about the time I was physically ejected from a Black Rebel Motorcycle club show in Las Vegas for heckling the band. Simply put, I am saving this saga for my own book, a tome which will solely concern the events and circumstances surrounding my physical ejection from a Black Rebel Motorcycle club show in Las Vegas for heckling the band. I realize some of you probably think this is a rather flimsy premise for a book that might be as long as 600 pages, but if Mike Pompeo can get away with (however long his stupid book is) blathering on about his weight loss secrets and his boner for Israel, I’m pretty sure I’ve got him (and everyone else) beat.

I’ll not be heckling Black Rebel Motorcycle club this weekend, as coincidentally, I’ll be back in Las Vegas where I look forward to leaving the city’s many Black Rebel Motorcycle Club tribute bands to their own devices.

* – I know I should be leaving this for the book, but I’m calling bullshit on the name. For starter’s no one in the band is black, there’s nothing remotely rebellious about the music and unlike Rob Halford they don’t take the stage on motorcycles. So don’t even bother asking for a refund, i’ve already warned you.

(while there is no photographic documentation of the incident I described above, I have chosen to illustrate this week’s show with another historic moment in civil disobedience, Ted Danson being arrested for the rarely-enforced misdemeanor of hanging out with someone in a Washington Nationals jersey)

The Pop Group – Rob A Bank
Mark Stewart – Hypnotized
Mark Stewart & The Maffia – None Dare It Conspiracy
Mark Stewart – Collision
700 Bliss – Cosmic Slop
Soft Shoulder – As Much A Part Of The Audience
During – Terrible Days
bildirene – Baby Come Back
Pure Shit – Abnegation 1?
Jake Meginsky – Trinities
Neil Michael Hagerty – The Brooklyn Battery
Howling Hex – You Can’t Beat Tomorrow
Hagerty-Toth Band – Fall Guy’s Mother
Neil Michael Hagerty – The Creature Catcher
Neil Hagerty/ Ryan Jewell / Ryley Walker – Fried In Denver I
Dan’l Boone – Hostage Rock
Mag Amplitude – Astronaut In Outer Space
Water Damage – Hotel Vegas, April 22, 2023
Estey Field Tone Organ Archive – Track 5 from ‘Volume 11’