It’s funny how our interests and fears can merge when we’re sleeping. Maybe not funny “ha ha”, With the start of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, my mind is certainly in one place and last night I found myself dreaming that noted reproductive rights advocate Tie Domi had pulled Joseph Alito’s robe over the latter’s head and proceeded to pummel the 72 year-old Supreme Court Justice. While this was happening, Sam Rosen and John Davidson were having a loud argument over whether mandatory vasectomies were merely a good idea or the best idea of all time.

Sending $58 to in homage to Domi’s 5’8″ frame. There’s also some music this week between the fighting (subconscious and otherwise)

DJ ZIRK – Lock ‘Em In The Trunk
TEGNONE – Torn Package
E- SAGGILA – Mouth In Reach
S.I.D.S. – Submachine
Borzoi – Passing
Dansette Damage – N.M.E.
Thee Headcoats – (We Hate The Fuckin’) NME
NME – Speed kilz
Agony Bag – Rabies Is A Killer
Bad Breeding – Prescription
Bob Neumeier  – Brawl At The Mall
Zea – Boarne
Jim Scalvunos – Lay Down Your Weary Tune
Roger Robinson – Stay
Joachim Nordwahl – Oscillation For Total Freedom
Winged Wheel – Passive But Jag
Dibson T. Hoffweiler & Yoko OK – Morning Glory Hole
XV – Lights In The Woods
Wet Dip – Train Wreck
Behavior & Mayako XO – Waiting Song
Doronco Gumo – Umi
Pokk! -172 (Yves De May remix)
Mona Evie – Bi Va Ngo
Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson / Andy Heck Boyd – Mr. Trampoline Man