Much the way Marc Maron is late to the party when it comes to appreciating Seth Putnam’s vast oeuvre, I have been late to the party when it comes to contracting you-know-what. I was not, however, about to let omicron ba.2 prevent me from completing episode 102 of this program, and if you think I’m the sort of person who is above milking this scenario in order to ensure a few extra listeners, you clearly don’t know me at all (in fact, I think it’s fair to say you’re not only late for the party but you’ve arrived after the punishers / things-that-wouldn’t leave have up and left).

This week’s show features new stuff from Blackhaine, Warthog, Michael Morley, Aaron Turner, Devin Brahja Waldman & Hamid Drake, Ale Hop (with Raul Jardin and Sukitoa o Namu) and for the second time in a month includes something from from someone on the Institute family tree (the stump, if you will). That probably won’t happen a third time this month but who can really say what the future holds (I could hazard a guess but I’m petty enough to milk the suspense. By any means necessary / whatever it takes in the online radio game.

Blackhaine – Stained Materials
Biped – Back To The Water
Lia Kohl – Deliver It Back
Claire Cronin – Not A Noise
Califone – Vampiring Again
Son Of Buzzi – Im Nachtzug nach Hamburg
Ale Hop – The Mountain That Eats Men (with Raul Jardin and Sukitoa o Namau)
Peace De Resistance – We Got The Right To Be Healthy
Violent Apathy – Immortality
Warthog – Digital Tumor
Jimmy Smack – Hating Life
Aaron Turner – The Occupation Of Selfishness
Rick Myers – A1 (from ‘Obstacle 80XT)
Acid Mothers Reynols – Anti-Matter Sound Milkshake
Devin Brahja Waldman & Hamid Drake – Esprit Es-Tu Lá
Eve Adams – On The Street In America
Organ Tapes – Burnout
Exlex – Et Tårn / Koral
Michael Morley – Solo Nr.. 1
New Tendencies – Not Insulated
Spider Sabich – Blocks