Second Prize Is Four Tickets To See Curtis Stigers. Third prize is Curtis Stigers. Fourth prize Is Curtis from Taang (which auto-correct changes to “Curtis from Twang”, which really doesn’t resonate the same way). There is no fifth prize. I’m not made of prizes.

NW/HR – Heavy Rain
Andrea Taeggi – Qubit
Mister Sticktalk – Yeen Got Hands
Absolute Terror – Run
Axebreaker – Denial & Distortion
Blackhaine – Hotel
Human Bell – The Singing Trees
Alexander Turnquist – Water Spots Upon My Mind
Jon Camp – Archaic Echo
Kwartet Niek Hilkmann – Leuk Dat Je Er Was
Deep Tunnel Project – Connector
HTRK – No Big Thing
Dave Heumann – Slantingly Flying
Elliot Sharp, Tim Dahl, Weasel Walter- Fidget
Ki – side A of Tearful Face Of My Cute Love (Is Begging To Me)